As you may have guessed, my name is Dan (or as written in my passport: Daniel). I made my studies at EPFL in Switzerland (I&C Faculty, Communication Systems section). After my diploma thesis focusing on security in vehicular networks (cars talking to each other...), I worked for 3 months as an assistant in the same lab, where amongst others I wrote a skeleton for NS-2 (network simulator) for vehicular network simulations. Apparently there are still some people interested in this stuff, as I sometimes get questions about this by mail ;) Please note that you can still contact me for this, but since I'm not actively working on this anymore, it may take a few days for me to react. I would also appreciate if you immediately include some basic information about you and your work in your mail (e.g. if you are doing a small student project, or something larger, and some information about your programming skills).

In the past, I was working as a Software developer and ICT engineer for a company in Luxembourg-city.
Right now, I'm working as an IT security engineer in the IT department of the largest city in our still small country ;)

Although I have not too much time for my hobbies at the moment, I may mention here that one of my leisure activities is Amateur Radio... so by the way, my callsign is LX1JU. I'm member of some workgroups in the Luxembourg amateur radio association (RL).

If you are a PGP-user, here is my public key (Key ID 75F5 8692 49C8 A371). My old key (Key ID 5A35BFFD) is also still valid, but you should preferably use the new one.
PLEASE ! Do not sign this key unless you have at least verified my key fingerprint via a more or less secure media (e.g. telephone if you know my voice, but NOT email), otherwise you will violate the concept of the "web of trust", as described in the PGP documentation. If you meet me somewhere, just ask me for the fingerprint, most of the time I have a copy in my pocket.

LinkedIn-users may have a look at my public profile...